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  • After a brief consultation of your spray tan needs, I will blend a custom solution color tone for you.
  • You are welcome to wear as little, or as much as you are comfortable with during your session.
  • Disposable panties and hair nets are available upon request.
  • You will be guided through a series of quick, easy poses during the spraying process. 
  • Post-spray, drying powder will be applied to areas prone to sweat and friction (elbows, knees, under breasts)
  • Post session, you will need to refrain from getting wet or sweating until your first rinse. On average most clients can rinse in 10-12 hours. If using a rapid solution, clients can rinse in as little as 2-4 hours.
  • With proper maintenance, spray tans can last 5-7 days. For best results, moisturize everyday with a lotion that is designed to be used with spray tans.
  • Organic solutions are the only products I use. They are paraben free, vegan, alcohol free, FDA approved, water-based, nut & allergen free, fast-drying, and PETA approved.


  • Appointment is required for services. Same day appointments/walk-ins are sometimes available. However, clients are responsible for making sure their skin is prepped and ready for their spray tan session.

  • Please allow 30 minutes for your tan session.

  • If you need to cancel or make a change, please do so 24 hours before your scheduled time.

  • Reservations cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged 25% and same day and no-show appointments will be subject to a 50% fee of services booked.


Forms of payment currently accepted: Cash, Paypal, Venmo


  • It is best to make your appointment in advance so that you are well prepared. All services are by appointment only, while same day appointments are sometimes available, best results happen with prepped skin.

  • If you have a special occasion you are tanning for, I recommend scheduling your session 1-2 days before your event.

  • For best results, please shower, shave and exfoliate 24 hours before your session. Exfoliating is very important, it will make your spray tan last longer. Use an oil free scrub or exfoliation mitt to remove dry, flakey skin.

  • Hydrated healthy skin is key for sunless tanning.

  • Any waxing and eyelash extensions need to be completed 1-2 days before your appointment.

  • Manicures / pedicures should be completed the day before your session. Soaking hands and feet in water afterwards will diminish the tan.

  • Hair appointments should be completed before your session, or after you rinse.

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes to the appointment to put on immediately after your session. Tight clothing can rub, or smear bronzers, especially around the knees, elbows, chest and waist. Flip flops are best.


  • Your tan will continue to darken over the next 24 hours.

  • During your first rinse, you will see a lot of color come off, this is just the instant bronzers! I recommend using only lukewarm water and your hands for the first rinse.

  • When showering regularly, it is best to avoid soaps with heavy moisturizers in them such as Dove. I recommend using liquid or gel body wash that is clear or see through like Aveeno Active Naturals, Love Beauty & Planet Majestic Moisture, or Cetaphil Daily Refreshing. Do not use wash cloths, scrubs, shower poufs or bar soaps, as these will strip away your sunless color. Pat dry your skin after.

  • Hydrated, healthy skin maintains your tan longer. There are a few brands over the counter that can be used (Shea Moisture, Buff City, Hempz). Be sure to moisturize daily. Avoid any products with: mineral oil, alcohol, paraben, sodium laurel sulfate.

  • If you are planning on working out or going to the gym, do this after your first rinse as bronzer from your spray tan session could transfer to your clothing.

  • If you are sleeping in your freshly sprayed tan, wear long loose fitting clothes to sleep to avoid touching your tan and waking up with tan hands.

  • Bronzer may rub off on fabrics. Most fabrics will wash completely clean, but bronzer can stain silk, nylon, wool and leather and lace. If you're worried about your furniture, please put a towel down before you sit - until you rinse off the bronzer.

  • Avoid activities that will cause your spray tan to diminish more quickly such as swimming/hot tubs, massages

  • Exfoliate thoroughly before attending your next spray tan session, as spray tan solution will not develop on top of skin that is already spray tanned.

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